UPLOADIMAGE.RO frequently asked questions. If you have anymore questions please contact us

Q: Is this free?

A: Yes, uploading and downloading is 100% Free for all users. We offer premium accounts which allows for greater flexibility with uploading/downloading.

Q: Will my images be removed?

A: Free/non accounts images are kept for unlimited days. Premium accounts images are kept for unlimited days.

Q: How many images can I upload?

A: You can upload as many images as you want, as long as each one adheres to the Terms of Service and the maximum file upload size.

Q: Which images types am I allowed to upload?

A: You may upload the following types of images: 3fr, aai, ai, art, arw, avs, bgr, bgra, bmp, bmp2, bmp3, brf, cal, cals, canvas, caption, cin, cip, clip, cmyk, cmyka, cr2, crw, cur, cut, dcm, dcr, dcx, dds, dfont, dng, dot, dpx, dxt1, dxt5, epdf, epi, eps, eps2, eps3, epsf, epsi, ept, ept2, ept3, erf, exr, fax, fits, fractal, fts, g3, gif, gif87, gradient, gray, group4, gv, hald, hdr, histogram, hrz, htm, html, icb, ico, icon, iiq, info, inline, ipl, isobrl, jng, jnx, jpe, jpeg, jpg, json, k25, kdc, label, m2v, m4v, mac, map, mask, mat, matte, mef, miff, mng, mono, mpc, mpg, mrw, msl, msvg, mtv, mvg, nef, nrw, null, orf, otb, otf, pal, palm, pam, pango, pattern, pbm, pcd, pcds, pcl, pct, pcx, pdb, pdf, pdfa, pef, pes, pfa, pfb, pfm, pgm, picon, pict, pix, pjpeg, plasma, png, png00, png24, png32, png48, png64, png8, pnm, ppm, preview, ps, ps2, ps3, psb, psd, ptif, pwp, radial-gradient, raf, ras, raw, rgb, rgba, rgbo, rgf, rla, rle, rmf, rw2, scr, sct, sfw, sgi, shtml, six, sixel, sparse-color, sr2, srf, stegano, sun, svg, svgz, text, tga, thumbnail, tiff, tiff64, tile, tim, ttc, ttf, txt, ubrl, uil, uyvy, vda, vicar, vid, viff, vips, vst, wbmp, webp, wmf, wmv, wmz, wpg, x, x3f, xbm, xc, xcf, xpm, xps, xv, xwd, ycbcr, ycbcra, yuv.

Q: Are there any restrictions to the size of my uploaded images?

A: Each file you upload must be less than 15.00 MB in size for free/non accounts or less than 25.00 MB in size for premium accounts. If it is greater than that amount, your file will be rejected.

Q: There are some images on our servers which may have been subject to copyright protection, how can I notify you of them?

A: Via our report abuse pages.